The Adanic people are a people of pale to deep green skin, a fact that has led to their being called “Green Men” by foreigners or detractors.  Their eyes are dark and their hair tends towards dark as well.  They have small, pointed ears.  As the most populous northern clan, the Adanë, has been a luckless clan.  Originally the de-facto masters of the continent that bears their name, the nomadic Adanic tribes are now either conquered and left among the lower caste or are fighting a desperate war for independence.

Culturally the Adanë clans are nomadic, hunting and gathering for food as they migrate through the great wood.  Their journey is a pilgrimage, where they wander from sacred grove to sacred grove.  These groves are the dwelling places of their divine ancestors, the first children of Adan and Ada, the deity was one and then two, and then became one again to birth the Adanë.  This nomadic ancestor worship is central to society and even stationary Adanë communities will build a grove in whatever woods they find and create a symbolic trail around it.  When in the groves, the Adanë sacrifice the first game of their hunt.  It is said that in days of old, they would sacrifice their first kills on the battlefield, though this is mostly speculation. They were once led by Veda, or Princes of the Clan.  These Princes were the direct scions of Ada/Adanë.  But under the Laurë and Rona, the Adanë are led by petty chiefs under a foreign prince who has taken their place at the head of the sub-clan.

Native Adanic culture is very egalitarian and had a very pre-Tarëan view of social caste.  The Adanic people were also more sexually open than other cultures.  The Adanë have a reputation for promiscuity in foreign eyes.

The lower Adanë wear coats made of fur over cloth shirts, usually bought from southern merchants.  The leaders of the clan wear vests and the longer the vest, the more prestigious the individual.  These vests are usually green, blue, and yellow.  The Adanë tribes trade for the goods they need but generally keep to themselves.

The Adanë are practicers of old magic and use the magic of their ancestral blood to divine the will of the gods and the future.  They accomplish this through special mages called “The Blind Seers”, men and women who sacrificed their eyes to the gods.

Greetings: Adanë greet by extending their hands to their furthest reach and opening their palms to the person they are greeting.  The person is expected to do the same and for their palms to touch.