The Ecclesian caste is unlike any other caste, for though smaller clans exist to minister the message of the Ecclesia, the Amanatar are the first and most devout.  Gold of skin and silver of hair, the Amanatar are stately preachers of great height.  The Amanatar are among the most powerful clans, despite owning only one small city-state.

The Ecclesia of Aman is populated primarily by the Tarë.  These descendants chose to forsake the veneration of their ancestor alone and instead took up the veneration of all the ancestors and gods of the known world in the Holy City around the mountain of Aman.  There, the Amanatar flourished as philosophers and theologians.

The Amanatar conversion to the religion of the Seven Saints rocked the world and the remnant that escaped the city still venerate the old gods in a splinter Ecclesia in the east in exile.  The Amanatar spread outwards from the city after the Laurëan Empire rose and converted the entire southern and western world to their religion.

Known for their zealousness and devotion, the Amanatar are generally seen as men of strong convictions.  Their women are hidden from view however, as the Tarë views of sexuality and gender roles remains strong in the Amanatar society.  Amanatar are meritocratic and even member of the clan can rise to the position of leader in the area.  But all Amanatar owe their first loyalty to the Ecclesiarch of Aman, the supreme leader of the Ecclesia.  All worship of the ancestors is banned and they despise the cults of Saint Worshippers, and seek to purge these from the west like smith purge metal.

The Amanatar live varied lives from the poverty stricken lives of beggar hermits, to the solitary monastic life, to the lives of princes.