The Davahaya is the religion of the upper class and the official religion of the Ecclesia of the West.  The Dava was a prophet in the far eastern lands, where the ancient ancestors hailed   from.  He was said to be the incarnation and avatar of the Godhead.  He bore the body of a child but the mind the Godhead.  And when he said all things, his mortal flesh burned and he sent his followers to preach his message.

His message was that the physical world is evil and that it’s creator, the Demiurge is the shadow of God.  He preached that this is why laws and boundaries exist.  He preached that the godhead is infinite and beyond the limits of concept and laws.  Those who do not realize this world is finite are forced onto the wheel and will return forever until they accept this and are released from the cycle of misery and into the world of the infinite: the True World of which the physical imitation is a mere shadow.

This faith became basis for Valen’s conquest of the west and the Ecclesia for the most part, is under Ecclesiarchs loyal to the Dava and his Seven Saints.  Though the Ecclesiarchs pay lip service to the Ecclesiarch of Aman, the Ecclesiarch of each kingdom is independent and reliant on the Laurë.

The practices of the Davahaya Ecclesia are highly mystical, with many traditions with the Ecclesia.  The doctrines and beliefs vary from school to school and the Ecclesiarch of Aman’s primary function is to define the line of heresy. The doctrines of the Ecclesia, or Mysteries are what vary among the various rites of the Ecclesia.  A common obsession among those who practice the Davahaya is with numbers.

The Dava