Head of State: Kel Eadon “The Apostate” av Auva

Founder: Kel Auvar Varagan

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Population: 250,000

Description: Auvar Varagan, the stormborn child of Vara was the founder of many kingdoms.  Auva was his favoured one however.  He loved the southern coast, called the Aeveth shore and there, he set about creating a new kingdom.  Auvar Varagan founded the Kingdom of his name in the coastal settlement of Salwë.  Auvar Varagan was a man of war but he was also an administrator who had served the Palatines of old in war.

The son of the deity Vara was a man of order, despite his origins.  Auvar’s new kingdoms followed an authoritarian bent that died in Ostalann but thrived in Auva.  Auva was a clan in the style of the south with a great Kel ruling in the style of the Reya of the south.  He ruled as a son of a god and was the owner and liege-lord of the farms.

Auvar’s children ruled as pagans until the Sea-Crown passed to Eadon, who spent time as a mercenary in the southron land of the Palatines and eventually he found his way to Aman.  He left as a man with a fiery purpose.  He was an Ecclesian and when he received his throne after the miraculous death of his three elder siblings, he sought to bring about the conversion of all the Varagë to his new god.  He has been said to do miracles and many of his subjects have converted.  Other subjects despise Eadon and whispers of treason threaten this fiery Ecclesian.