Head of State: Reya Saleis an’Callon

Founder: Reya Callon an’Mallanë

Government: Feudal Monarchy

Population: 2,300,000

Religion: Aman Ecclesia, Saint Cults (Saint )

Description: Callon is the most legitimate successor to the main line of the Mallanë.  Descended from Amellen’s brother, the loyal Salan, Callon is a refined, noble kingdom characterized by a utterly conservative upper caste.  Saleis an’Callon is a well-beloved Reya, and her reign is characterized by a stoic defensive posture.

Maintaining the feudal traditions of the age before Amellen, the Callon, in their hilly kingdom on the marches of the Rona, are masters of defense with local nobles marching out to punish raids and revolts with firm and strategic force.  As a result, Callon is a well defended clan and the lower castes have a high view of their refined, noble Reya.  Callon, if Amellen falls, may be in a position to reclaim the title, Reya Mallanë.  But first it must strike its rivals and break from their original strategy.