Head of State: Kel Rayamar av Anethon

Founder: Kel Auvar Varagan

Government: Elective Monarchy

Description: The Varagë are a northern people, and are infamously hard to rule.  Every valley has a different petty king, and many mountains as well.  The Kingdom of Ostalann is a vision of a potential future for the Varagë.  It is a powerful petty kingdom, centered around the capital of Osta.  This centralized kingdom is the most prosperous of all the kingdoms, due to its trade, military conquest, and its relationship to Laurëa.  For it is the only Varagë kingdom to embrace the Ecclesia.

Ostalann is a unique kingdom as it is not based on clan loyalties but on political power and the reputation of the Kel.  The Kel is elected in the kingdom from among the most reputable members of the kingdom.  He is chosen by the council of free Yar, great farmer-warriors.  In Ostalann, cunning men can go far and rise to heights.

Ostalann has trade throughout the north, from the Rona Princes to the Laurë.  They navigate the rivers in shallow riverboats.  Ostalann is expansionist but has banned raiding and the pagan ways that go with them.  Kel Rayamar is a modernizer, and was among the first Varagë to have a standing professional army, the rising warriors castes called Maregon.