Head of State: Reya Alathan ya-Arthadë

Founder: Reya Elemer “Sethanos” Arthadë

Government: Monarchy

Population: 2,000,000

Religion: Aman Ecclesia, Adanic Paganism (Ada)

Description: In the ages past, the Adanë ruled as sovereigns over their own fate.  The Arthadë were the magnificent crown of the Adanic world.  Hundreds of Reya had ruled from this bastion of Adanë culture.  It was the Saint-Emperor who destroyed this dream of a Adanic rival to the southern kingdoms.  The Arthadë, long ago conformed to the western models of mass infantry fought a long, desperate war against the greatest generals in the world.  They lost and the Arthadë who refused to take the Laurë name and marry their daughters to the Laurëan aristocratic colonists were put to the sword and their children brainwashed.

But one scion of the house Arthadë ended Laurëan rule, a scarce fifty years after the conquest.  He was Elemer Sethanos, a hostage turned exile who founded a mercenary company of Adanë and eventually struck fear into the Laurëan world as he led a guerilla war that ended with the death of the Laurë Arthadë imposters.  His reign brought the Arthadë clan back from the brink of becoming a Laurëan colony and provided a safe haven for the Adanë to dwell and practice the old ways.  As a result of this troubled history, Sethan Arthadë is a bizarre mixture. Adanic culture, with its forest nomads, pagan roots, and petty tribes.  But it is also a land with a caste system and agriculture, with the Reya officially worshipping in an Ecclesian temple in the Laurëan style, as well as the Laurë banner.  In addition, the governance of the region is done in the Ronic style, with powerful Arthadë Princes (Ved) ruling from fortress cities.

Arthadë has managed a tenuous peace with the Laurë but that time is coming to an end, as the Laurëans seethe and plot to regain Arthadë.  Reya Alathan, a competent ruler, prepares for a magnificent war to preserve the Adanic peoples.  But constant conflict with the Rona and whispers of a conqueror in the east has reached his ears and he must be cautious, lest he be undone by the means that brought his forefathers to power.