Head of State: Kel Maganon av Vara

Founder: Vara

Government: Elective Monarchy

Population: 500,000

Religion: Varag Paganism (Vara)

Description: Varamar is the oldest of the ancient Varag kingdoms, and the model of all the Varag kingdoms.  Ruled by a fierce warrior elite caste, Varamar was ruled by the authority of their strength of arm and wit.  The royal clan was once a source of great strength and the Varag tradition of elective monarchy was born from this first kingdom, for the Kel is chosen from the Princes of the Clan by election of the lower members of the clan.

Varamar is a cold, coastal kingdom with its seat in the holdfast of Kalathenn.  The hillfort port city is the center of a primarily agricultural society.  The basis of this is the coastal Yar, an owners of the large farms that supply the cities.  These Yara are mostly Varamaran but some are of lesser, petty Varag lines. These slave owners are administrator-warriors, but they rarely go to raid, unless in the most dire of circumstance.

Varamar’s days of raiding are ending, as the last three raids ended in utter defeat for the Varamar clan and led to the humiliation of the Kel, who led the final raid personally.  Kel Maganon, watches in growing alarm as the smaller kingdoms see their people starve.  He sees the future of his people in them and it fills him with fear.  The Yara circle his throne and seek to take his crown.  This Kel is unlucky or weak and he must watch around any corner.