The Lenorë are a tall race of pale humanoids who sometimes even appear gray.  They have always tended towards black hair and darker eyes.  Their appearance has given them a reputation for being grim and somber in appearance.

The Lenorë were heavily influenced by the culture of the mainland (even becoming Ecclesians) while still maintaining their roots and customs.  Their land of origin lay across the northern sea and they initially fled before a horde of invaders.  It is famed for its openness towards female rulers and warriors, the most famous of whom was Queen Isella the Lioness, who defeated the Rëline Empire in its prime, dying as she struck down the Paladin that led their army.

The Lenorë culture is known for being somber and grey.  The clothing of these people is dark and warm.  It is thick and designed to prepare one for a deep winter.  In addition, the Lenorë are fiercely independent and are often stereotyped as being very fatalistic and grim.  But there is another side to these stoney northmen.  They enjoy food, wine, and song.  And their patient, quiet demeanor can be turned into a cold, ruthless wrath if pushed too far.  

The Lenorë are sexually restrained but more accepting of inter-caste marriages and bastards.  This egalitarian approach to sexuality is important, but the Lenorë do not approve of pre-maritial and extra-maritial sex.  Homosexuality is frowned upon and highly discouraged.

Their music is done on fiddle and pipe.  Their poetry and music tends to be grim and fatalistic ballad, such as The Last Dance and The Pilgrimage.  A strong pagan element remains, even in their Ecclesian religion.  Many Lenorë still worship the Weeping Lady as their ancestor, hinting at a nation born in some forgotten tragedy.  Even the Ecclesia has a grim, fatalistic element to it and honors the tradition of these people.

The dress of the Lenorë is thick and warm.  Cloaks thrown over one shoulder are very common.  The Lenorë tends towards darker shades of clothing.  Women tend wear the same clothing as men.

The Lenorë despise high magic and consider the Maji to be Laurëan puppets.  In Lenorë, magic is considered unnatural and practitioners are slaughtered.  But the lower castes, rather hypocritically, use lower wards.