Blue-skinned and pointed of ear, the Mërën are tall and graceful of form, with most of their clan have slow, flowing aspects to their motion.  Distantly related to the Adanë, the Mërën are a coastal people with an ancient history.  While they have been thoroughly implemented into the western society that has been born around them, the Mërën have maintained a unique culture, based on sea-going nomads and the land based “Fisher Princes”.

The Mërën are the most accepted pagans in Laurë state.  The Mërën are avid ancestor worshippers and participants in ancient Sea-Cults.  The Mërën are also very close to their roots, having always been mariners and fishermen.  The Mërën also are uncannily good as these activities, following the currents and winds with freakish accuracy and efficiency.  Some even speculate that these forces obey their whims.  Indeed, almost every non-Mërën ship has one Mërën crewmember called a “Windcaller” who uses the strange rituals of their people to grant good luck and favorable winds.

The Mërën are a society unto themselves, wherever they are, speaking their native tongue and obeying the wills of their Wind Lords.  For every captain of a ship is a Lord.  And the Lords answer to the Fisher Princes, who command the Fisher Fleets that all Mërën are members of.  They are mercenary in their work ethic but they are far from warlike.  The Mërën are more like the Vaela, sailing beyond the coast in their fleets and feeding the coasts with their amazing catches.  When faced with conflict they usually flee.  But some Mërën have fought back against invaders, and legend speak of fleets drowned beneath great waves.

The Mërën are sexually promiscuous by reputation, as most sailors are.  Blue skinned bastards are found all along the coast and often become members of the Mërën nation.  Mërën women are few but are very well valued in society.

The Mërën are colorful, wearing blue as their base color under normal circumstances.  The sailors wear practical clothing while the Windcallers wear blue robes with elaborate front-pieces and windcloak of red.