The Maji are a small clan but are the most valued caste in the Laurëan world.  The Maji are masters of the arts of magic and take many shapes and forms.  More than that, they are masters of the art of diplomacy, embedding themselves in the courts to avoid the persecution of Aman.

The Maji are an ancient clan, going back to the age of the Palatine or further back.  The Maji mastered their art millennia ago.  Secretive and well guarded by their aristocratic masters, the Maji represent the aristocratic and militaristic side of magic.  They first gain their places in courts as Diviners and Seers.  They differentiated themselves from the petty magic of the lower castes and the witches.  This distinction made them the envy of the courts and made them an item of great prestige.

Maji are secretive and perceptive seeming, with a deliberate air of mysticism.  The Maji are disliked by the Ecclesia, and several attempts by Ecclesians to dislodge them from the courts have nearly proven successful.  But the Maji always return as the Reyan of Laurëa have grown dependent on them.

The Maji do not worship ancestors or gods, but instead venerate and invoke names, supposedly of spirits from the True World.  These names give them foresight and the ability to transfer energy between objects.  The Maji are aware of their True Names and give them to the clan leader in the area as a sign of fealty.  They then guard their True Name from any attempts at scrying or discovery as such knowledge could result in their deaths.  The Maji are, in name, Ecclesian, but are known more for their mystical tradition than their loyalty to orthodoxy.

The Maji attempt to remain pure-blooded but are known to take noble lovers to cement their position, of both genders.  The Maji fit into any court circle, distinguishing themselves with amulets, containing their true name in their ancient tongue.