Head of State: Karal Athedar ya-Letheyona

Founder: Letheyon

Government: Elective Monarchy

Population: 1,100,000

Religion: Rona Paganism (Letheyon)

Description: The Kingdom of the Letheyona is one of the many states of the northern woods.  Another confederation of tribes, they bear relation to both the Rona, the Varagë, and the Reliné of the south.  The Letheyona do not have the religious fervour of the Rona but are nonetheless a fearsome host.  The Letheyona are pagan and worship their ancestor Letheyon the Wily through the veneration of birds.  A cloak of feathers is their badge of affection for their deity.

The Kingdom of the Letheyona is a land between Rona and Marath.  They attempt to emulate both and please both but never manage to master or please either.  Traditionally horse-nomads, the Letheyon warriors have struggled to fight on foot.  And unlike the Rona, who have integrated themselves into Adanic society, the Letheyona have instead kept their lines and culture pure.  As a result, their scions are disliked by their subjects.  Moreover, the clan selects its leaders in a style not unlike the Varagë.

Only time can tell if the Letheyona can survive this transitional period, but that time is drawing short.  In the east, a monster leads men and soon, the boundaries of civilization, so long static, will be redrawn.