Religion in Ossien is the most crucial aspect of the world, in many respects.  In Ossien, religion for most individuals is not an active choice of a monolithic set of ideals but a combination of various beliefs and superstitions.  A monotheistic religion like like Davahaya may have adherents who pray to patron saints the same way a Rona may pray to his ancestor, Rone.  A farmer may pray to the one true Godhead in the morning and in the afternoon visit a Nosaiya witch who gives him a ward that holds the goddess’ sacred name.

But individuals make up groups, and these groups often impose upon themselves certain key beliefs that are accepted by all within them.  Clans are a good example.  No matter the faith, clans are formed based on common ancestry, either to a god, a saint, or mortal hero.  But some groups adopt the structures of a religion within their whole society.  Throughout Ossien, the caste system is considered to be the natural order, due to the original teachings of the Hayamana.

The Laurëan Empire’s rise to power was entirely a result of the religious upheaval in the west.  With the rise of the Davahaya, the civilized world was in shock as the Ecclesia imploded into civil war.






Occien Ancestor Worship