The Reliné are debatably the most influential culture in the world, serving as the father nation to Laurëa and the mother to the modern Palatine.  These tall tan skinned people, with dark hair and bright eyes were of the same wave of refugees that brought the Rona, Laurë, and Varagë into the western kingdoms.  And since the rise of their former territory, Laurëan golden eyes have spread throughout the upper nobility.

The Reliné were barbarian conquerors who reformed the ancient Palatine empire into their own image.  They were nomadic warriors, known for their mastery of the shield and of the sword.  They were bedazzled by the wonders of the Palatine and by the remnants of the Old Kingdoms.  It was this admiration that inspired their leaders to take the titles of Palatines, and eventually, paladins.  The Reliné, in a period of Palatine decline, united and invaded the city of Pallas and the Reya of the Reliné proclaimed himself the Repalatine of Pallas and founded a new empire.  For hundreds of years, the Reya of the Reliné maintained his title of Repalatine, even when the dynasty was overthrown and exiled.

The Reliné were warriors first, famed for their paradoxical qualities: loyalty and tradition of petty civil war.  The Reliné nobility are constantly in a struggle for dominance, though these wars are rarely the vicious blood feuds many kingdoms are plagued by.  The Reliné’s warrior aristocracy has been seen as the originator of the modern codes of honor.  The Reliné clan’s lower castes are well defended, as most nobility do not levy troops or fight total war.  Though they are generally more restricted than in other nations, the lower castes in the clan.  After the Laurëan conquest, the Reliné clan has maintained its traditions.

A very open society, sexuality is freely practiced and homosexuality has become a martial tradition.  For the clan’s warrior always fight in pairs: The Armsman and the Shieldbearer.  These two will often be lovers, make the Shieldbearer more motivated to protect his charge.  Religion in the Reliné clan is vital as the Paladins rely on the faith for support and for order.  In this regard, Saint Cults are at their strongest here.

Reliné clothing is very long and influenced early Laurëan fashion quite a bit.  The Reliné also wear long coats in the winter, much like their cousins in the north: The Varagë. The upper castes wear cloaks, thrown over their left shoulder in times of peace, as to conceal their swords.  In wartime, the cloak is worn over the right shoulder and the sword is exposed and easy to draw.  Lower castes wear simple, short coats and vests.