Head of State:  Deya Valadei an’Orelon

Founder: Deya Orëa an’Mallanë

Government: Vassal Autocracy

Population: 3,000,000

Religion: Aman Ecclesia, Saint Cults (Saint Orëa)

Description: The Deya Orelon is a Reya in all but name and he rules a small successor state  in the bread-basket of Laurëa.  Valadei is the descendent of Amellen’s uncle, and is a strong ruler of a river-side state.  His new clan is strong by leeching off its neighbors, nominally being vassals of the Laurë.  Despite this, the little state owes nothing to any of its neighbors.  A complete autocracy, there is only one member of the higher nobility in Orelon, and that is Valadei.  He has no rivals in his own realm, for he and his fathers have rooted them out and hanged them in their capital city of Orelon for all to see.

Orelon have immense presence in the courts of both Laurë and Amellen, and exercises an ancient grudge against all the descendents of the man who killed their forefather and (according to their histories) destroyed the glorious Mallanë clan.  Orelon seeks to build a new state in the north and to bring vengeance against Amellen.