Head of State: Ecclesiarch Alavaya

Founder: Ecclesiarch Maratha the Great

Government: Ecclesiocracy

Population: 200,000

Religion: Aman Ecclesia, Saint Cults

Description:  The Holy Mountain of Aman, east of the Palatine, is the site of the Ecclesia.  The great temple complex that sits upon the mountain is a gleaming city of alabaster.  It gleams and shines with a divine glory.  For it is the city that has served as the home for all religion in the west for thousands of years.  The holy mountain was chosen by the ancient kingdoms to be the home of all their gods.  And so, stretching for miles on the hills around Aman are thousands of shrines and temples to ancient gods and saints.

This holiest of sites was traditionally ruled by the Ecclesia, an organization designed to regulate and train the priesthoods of these temples.  For millennia, the Ecclesia kept order among the pagan gods, under the watchful eye of the Ecclesiarch.  But shortly before the reign of the Saint Emperor, the world was rocked by the Seven Saints, who marched into Aman and launched a coup in the Ecclesia.  A new Ecclesiarch, who served the monotheistic Godhead, converted the Ecclesia and demolished all the temples.  Thousands of patron caste deities were forgotten, their priests exiled or buried alive.  And after the reign of the Saint Emperor, Aman is now a mostly empty garden city with the vibrant temples acting as the tombs of gods.  It is also the supreme religious authority, controlling the loyalty of all Paladins throughout Laurëa.  The Ecclesiarch has dethroned Reyan and led crusades to punish apostates.  However, it is dependent on the protection of the Palatine and the power of the Laurëan castes.