Head of State: Repalatine Devayan an’Vallanëan

Founder: Repalatine Valen an’Arraz

Government: Imperial Autocracy

Population: 14,000,000

Religion: Aman Ecclesia, Seclorum, Saint Cults (Saint Peniel, Saint Valén)

Description: East of the Reliné, in the vast open plains, a plateau sits.  Upon this plateau sits a vast stone palace, large enough to be a city.  It is called the Palatine and has been considered the capital of the world.  It is an ancient civilization stretching far into the past with a unique tradition of government that proved influential in its aesthetic if not its intent.  Indeed, the Palatines of Pallas are the remote ancestors of the Paladins of later centuries.

In Pallas, a league of Tarë, Mërën, and others castes sat in council.  Representatives, known as Palatines, from every province or city-state met to resolve their grievances in peace, and gathered together in war.  All this was done under the watchful eye of the Repalatine, first of the Palatines.  This unique league became an empire that ruled much of the known world.  Even when conquered, the Palatine shone as a bastion of civilization.  And now, the Palatine is ruled by a Laurëan.  By far the most complacent and static of the children of Valén, the imperial dynasty refuses to enter the wars of its brother Reya and instead sees itself as the rightful masters of the Laurë.  Despite this, the Repalatinate has no central authority and is largely a ceremonial position.  But despite this, the support of the Repalatine is important as the Laurëan authority is dependent on a Vallanëan on the throne of the Palatine and their protection of the Holy See of Aman.