Head of State: Ved Redayera ya-Rona

Founder: Ved Rone

Government: Decentralized Monarchy

Population: 2,000,000

Religion: Rona Paganism (Rone), Adan Paganism (Ada)

Description: Ronis was founded by a man who claimed to be Rone, the fierce warrior deity whose avatar on earth lead his children to conquer the Adanë of old.  He was a great warrior prince who defeated the Mallanë and the Adanë alike, uniting his Rona children.  He founded his great kingdom, and his priesthood on earth before his mortal body died.  His children have reigned ever since in the fortress of Arone, in the great wood called the Black Forest.

Ronis not so much a political body or a nation but a nebulous confederacy controlled by the Rona aristocracy.  The Rona are a clan but their system of governance is much less formal than a typical Laurëan clan.  For none of the successors of Rone dare use the kingly title, preferring the title Veda or Prince.  They desire tribute, sacrifices, and loyalty.  They maintain this control by the sword and by their natural cunning.  Many Laurëans have died under the sword of the Rona, who fight like demons.  And unlike most of the Adanëan peoples, the Rona have settled and mastered the art of ironworking and steelworking.

Arone is a mixture of holy city and symbol of dominance.  Buried beneath the foundations of the city of Arone, the corpses of a hundred Adanë captives lay.  From here, the High Prince of the Rona can see for dozens of miles, tracking the local Adanic tribes through their campfires.

Redayera ya-Rona is the current High Prince and he is a devout worshipper of his ancestor, Rone.  He is a young prince and inexperienced in the ways of the Rona.  But he has great ambitions and grew up in the shadow of the Arthadë, who his father died trying to destroy.  Moreover, the over-ambitious princes have forgotten their old loyalties.   While whispers of a great host in the east threaten him.