Head of State: Paras Dëmainu Samiöen

Founder: Sauma

Government: Monarchy

Population: 200,000

Description: Sauma is one of the many clans that have held off the Varagë invasion.  They aren’t among the most powerful of the clans but they are a resilient folk who have protected their culture.  They are cousins of the Adanë and they live a nomadic style of life.  They are herders of livestock, and have mastered the northern deer.  They have domesticated them and ride upon their backs and harvest them for food.  They are also great mariners and sailors, rivaling even the children of the storm,

The Sauma are a mostly peaceful people and are mostly ignored by the Varagë.  They have fought before but are unlikely to stand against the Varagë if they sought to destroy the clan.  Still, the Sauma have become more and more desperate over the years.  The Sauma are ruled by the Paras (meaning “First”) who is currently Dëmainu Samiöen.