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It is said by the Aman Ecclesia that the world was built by a cruel demiurge.  He was the blind architect, the cripple, the devil, and the very shadow of God.  It is said that the An (all sentient races) are the children of his children and that his blindness and evil are inherent to all An.

459 years ago, Saint Valén claimed the whole of the west under his empire.  Led by zeal and ambition, Valén became the first and only emperor of the west.  According to the Laurë, the world he conquered was one of pagan chaos and ancestor worshippers.  The empire he left behind was one of ambitious clans and zealous orders.  Splintered, the Laurëa he left is left in a state of shifting borders and disunity as his descendant squabble over the kingdoms he left behind.  In the north, clans of pagans raid the marches and in the east, old rivalries arise.  And some say, in the deep, dark places of the world, the shadows stir and take horrific form.

Many rise in life, but all shall fall…

....under The Shadow of God.


The Shadow of God takes place in on the continent of Ossien, in the age after the rise of the Laurë clans.  It is a colorful setting with a world of clans, castes, and strange races, of which none can be considered fully human, in the conventional sense.  It is a setting with unique religions with mystic, gnostic philosophies, and unknowable divinities.

It is a setting with intense realism, with pessimistic and cynical undertones.  Instead of aiming to recreate a Tolkienian setting with elves, dwarves, and humans, we have strove towards making all races unique.   Taking inspiration from historical societies like the Carolingian Empire, Byzantine Rome, medieval Baltic society, Ancient India, and even from Feudal Japan.  But none of the cultures are straight analogues and effort has been made to create unique societies that make sense in their setting, as well as simulate cultural influence.  In addition, we have taken influence from Gnostic. Hindu. and Buddhist traditions.

It is fully designed to allow players to immerse themselves in any role they chose, from ambitious Casteless to content High Lords,  from Farmer to Mage, from Pilgrim to Warrior.  And the setting is expanded enough for them to take that role seriously.

It is a mature setting, where religion, prejudice, societal roles, sexuality, and ruthless politics interact on epic and human scales.  And in the background, shadowy and malevolent forces work to weave existence into a cruel tragedy.  For though the world is one of light and color, it hides a darkness deeper than a starless night sky.





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