Head of State: Ved Sarath

Founder: Kerath

Government: Theocratic

Population: 200,000

Religion: Rona Paganism (Rone), Adan Paganism (Ada, Kerath)

Description: The Kerata are an ancient race and clan.  The ancient “goatmen” of the north are a frightening clan to most and keep to themselves.  They are a warlike people but are primarily priest who protect the groves and they see themselves as the guardians of the gods.  They are the children of the horned god, Kerath and are his image: Tall, furred creatures with long faces and backwards bending legs. They have horns that curve back and are the pride of males in the clans.

The Kerata are famed for their intimidating appearance and the Kerathi love to cultivate this image.  But they are a complex and strange society and they live in settlements around the groves.  They were masters of bronzework and famed for ceremonial armor of spectacular detail.  In the era of the Rona, their craftsmanship has only improved.

Neutral in the Adanic world, the Kerathi honor the Rona but do not serve them.  The Kerathi are well loved in Adanic culture and were, for the most part, unharmed by the invaders.  But in the early days of the Rona, the Rona made the mistake of attacking Kerathi groves and settlements.  They were slaughtered and their bodies hung as priestly sacrifices.  And Kerathi warriors stood by the Adanic forces at “The Battle of the Godstrees” which was the first and only defeat of Ved Rone.